Residential or Home Duct Cleaning Services in Kansas City

The Reason For Cleaning Your Ductwork Is Clear

before and after home duct cleaning

Dust and dirt continually accumulate on the inside surfaces of your ductwork. This environment provides the nutrients for molds, bacteria, allergens and fungi to reproduce and grow. Every time your system’s fan goes on, it forces this contaminated mixture into the air you breathe. We remove 2 to 4 grocery sacks of this debris from an average-sized home!

In addition to cleaning the air you breathe, the build up of household dust on furniture and contents is dramatically reduced.

Clean ducts also increase the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, cutting utility costs and potential system breakdowns.

For more than 20 years, Midwest Duct Cleaning has been the air systems cleaning specialist in Kansas City. We use the most advanced equipment specifically designed for air duct cleaning. Agitation devices loosen debris on all duct work surfaces while a 10″ diameter vacuum line suctions the contaminants out of your home with a power 150 times stronger than a household vacuum.

Our professional technicians are always courteous, competent and thorough. Midwest Duct Cleaning is the choice for large commercial cleaning jobs and should be the choice to clean your home.

Our “Source Removal Process” is the highest standard in the industry

  • Debris is loosened with special agitation tools inserted into each vent opening.
  • All vent covers and interior surfaces of your ductwork are then “air-washed” utilizing 200 pounds per square inch of air pressure and special air tools to reach normally inaccessible areas.
  • The 10″ diameter vacuum hose attached to your ductwork assures that loosened debris is auctioned out of your home and not discharged into your living environment.
  • Hand cleaning of furnace burners, heat exchanger, central air conditioning, evaporator coil, blower fan motor and blades.