High Surface Ceiling Cleaning Services

Dust control is a major concern for many manufacturing and production facilities. Falling debris can cause quality control issues, damage sensitive equipment and can become a fire hazard. Auditoriums, gymnasiums, theaters, casinos, cafeterias and many other public areas also use our High Surface Cleaning Services.

Work Practices:

  • Cleaning is typically performed by using HEPA-filtered vacuums with attached brushes. Wet wiping or wiping with chemically treated cloths are additional methods used.
  • Containment of areas will be of the utmost concern. Proper time is taken to cover, protect and isolate work areas and sensitive machinery.
  • Utilizing scissor and articulated lift equipment, along with ladders and scaffolding.
  • Technicians are trained to perform the work in compliance with OSHA Standards, including fall protection.

We have the expertise and trained labor force to provide High Surface Cleaning for areas such as:

  • cleaning-panels-in-casinoCeilings
  • Rafter and ceiling trusses
  • Paint booths
  • Light fixtures
  • Machinery
  • Soffits
  • Piping and conduit
  • Walls
  • Beams
  • Mouldings