Customer Testimonials

They gave an accurate estimate upon scheduling and called a day ahead to confirm the appointment. Two servicemen arrived on time and were very careful not to track in/spread dust. Very professional. Noticed a problem with a vent being clogged by a scrap of insulation from a previous duct modification when the furnace was replaced (and unclogged it). Completed the work as estimated. Just very professional all around.

J. Rosenberger, Shawnee, KS

Great experience. Set appointment a week in advance. They confirmed the day before. Said they’d arrive between Noon and 3pm and were at my door at noon. Two very professional gentlemen took about 3 1/2 hours to do the job, which means the $350 price tag is incredibly reasonable when you consider that paid for 7 hours worth of work time + equipment + overhead + travel. Very thorough work. I am once again grateful to Angie’s List for helping me find a great company.

D. Whitaker, Overland Park, KS

They do excellent work.  They were very competent, thorough, and did not leave any mess.  They were on time and professional.  We had a lot of work done in our house over the past year that involved sanding, etc. that created a lot of dust.  I was having nasal congestion and coughing in the morning.  The air quality is much improved as has my condition.  I highly recommend this company and this service.


Our ducts hadn’t been cleaned in 30 years, and we’ve had noticeable difficulties with runny noses and sneezing.  They came 20 minutes early, worked quickly, quietly, and efficiently.  They were careful while moving equipment and hoses throughout the house, and cleaned up everything when they were finished.  It took them about 3 and half hours to complete the job, but this morning we already were able to notice a difference in the ‘clean’ air.

S. Kincaid, KCMO

Arrived on time and the two gentlemen went straight to work.  Our dryer was clogged and they pulled a ton of lint from the vent, the dryer, and the pipe vented out our roof.  Our dryer is working so much better now.  Saved my husband $$$$ on a new dryer : )

D. Defoor, Overland Park, KS

Marlin and Eric came in the morning, after I received an estimate over the phone from the main office, and stayed about 5 hours to complete the job. We have 3 levels, and they were very meticulous about the cleaning, doing a thorough job. I was a little surprised at the amount of time they spent doing the job, but have since learned from some of my friends that faster jobs were done by other companies at their houses, but the work was not done well.

It all happened pretty smoothly. I set up the appointment over the phone, it had to be made about one month ahead because they are busy! The person on the phone asked me about the number of cold air returns and vents and the number of floors. She then gave me an estimate, which turned out to be pretty accurate, considering I had miscounted the vents. On the day of the work, the guys showed up on time and began working, staying busy for about 5 hours. They did a great job.

J. Langley, Gladstone, MO