Benefits of Duct Cleaning

It’s Common Sense

In many homes, it’s hard not to notice the registers where the air comes out, which are commonly covered with dust or have dirt streaking out of them up the walls. If you look inside, you frequently see dust, lint buildup, debris of all sorts and maybe a few crayons that the kids enjoyed dropping in the duct. There is a lot of dirt buildup in there and that’s the source of the air you breathe. Cleaning the ducts help keep the air you breathe cleaner.

It’s an Energy Source

An outstanding study published in the November 2006 ASHRAE Journal (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) showed that cleaning the heating and cooling coils yearly makes a big difference in the energy bill, improving cooling and heating capacity up to 25%. It may not save enough to cover the cost of an entire cleaning, but it will certainly help.

It Can Improve Health

Clients report their children’s allergies get better. A study conducted by Allergy Consumer Review (at found that HVAC cleaning reduced airborne particulates by about 75%, and contributed significantly to a reduction of allergy and illness symptoms in the building. Another little-known research project, published in the medical journal Annals of Allergy in 1993, found that residential duct cleaning reduced airborne fungus coming from the ducts by a whopping 84% to 92% – and this was when measurements were taken eight weeks after the cleaning!

It Can Reduce House Dust

The two aforementioned studies state that airborne particulate was dramatically reduced by duct cleaning. Less airborne particulate means less particulate settling on the furniture.

It’s a Maintenance Check on the HVAC System

When you clean the ducts, you look over the whole system and discover all kinds of things. Plastic toys are melting on the heating coils. Ducts are separated at the joints or completely disconnected (but usually easy to fix). There are holes in the ducts from rats. Furnace filters are missing. The ducts are smashed from when the exterminator was in the attic. All kinds of energy-wasting, contaminating or money-consuming situations can be revealed during the cleaning process, saving the homeowner cash now and grief down the road.

If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned recently, give Midwest Duct Cleaning a call. Duct cleaning is all we do and we’ll have you breathing easier in no time.